Episode 2- The Original

Episode 2- The Original



Filmed by: Jon Holland, Ted Newsome, Ewan Bowman 
Edited by: Jon Holland Interview 
Audio by: Ryan Carmen

Thanks to: Jay Adams, Jimmy Plumer, Marty Grimes, Mitch Kaufman, Jim Davey, George Wilson, Solo Scott, Jimmy Acosta, Aaron Scott, Butch Sterbins, Eric Britton, Steve Olsen, Dave Hackett, Duane Peters, Tony Alva, Wentzle Ruml, Chicken, Jaime Owen, Jamey Stone, Nolan Woodrell, Chris & Ethel Pasques.

Additional Footage supplied by" Hal Jepsen Films, Opper Sports production, theSurfnetwork.com Additional Images courtesy of: Kent Sherwood & Skateboarder magazine. Music Supplied by: Hot Lunch, thanks to Tim @ tym-records.com

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